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Baseball Player Pitch Count Logs

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Pitch counts limits have been instituted to protect player's arms so we need to track them and adhere to the days of rest rules to make sure no arms are getting overused. League officials periodically check the pitch count logs to make sure that coaches are developing lots of players, not just one or two

When preparing for the following year's drafts, coaches look at pitch count logs to see who the most experienced pitchers were and who are adhering to the rules. Managers will be suspended one game for violating pitch count rules. Pitch counts, just like scores, must be entered within 24 hours after the game.

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2017 Baseball Local Rules

2018 Softball Local Rules

Umpires Haven't Shown Up for your Game?

Umpires have been instructed to arrive at the game 20-30 minutes before game time. If umpires have not shown up by 5-10 minutes prior to the game, please contact, in order:

Kim Kelleher
Assistant Umpire-in-Chief

Connie Kling

Game Rainout Procedure

Tigard Little League has decided to stop using a phone recording system. All games are to be "Manager Discretion". Our umpires are paid for any games that have been cancelled but for which they were not notified. All managers must use the following process to respect the umpires' time and save the league money:

Game Rainouts or Cancellations

  • By no later than 3 p.m. each game day, the Home and Visiting Team Managers must agree if their game can be played that day due to weather and/or field conditions.
  • In the case of a Rainout decision
    • Both managers immediately notify their teams.
    • The Home Team Manager is required to send an email to with the following information:
      • Softball or Baseball and Level (Majors, AAA, etc.)
      • Home team
      • Away team
      • Date
      • Time
      • Game Location

Umpires for your game will be notified by the Assistant Umpire in Chief.

Rescheduling Games

For softball and baseball upper levels (Majors, AAA, etc.) that are required to reschedule rainouts, please reschedule rainout games within 1 week of the originally scheduled game.

Managers look at the schedule on the website (be sure to check all levels playing on the field you want, particularly for Softball) for open dates/times OR use the next practice for one of the teams for the rescheduled game.

Home manager (if possible) emails AND with the following:

  • SB or BB and Level (Majors, AAA, etc.)
  • Original date of game
  • Original home team and away team
  • NEW date of game
  • NEW time of game
  • NEW location of game

Scheduler will move the game in the master schedule in Bonzi. Assistant Umpire In Chief will assign umpires to the rescheduled game.

Enter Game Scores

The home team manager or coach should enter the score within 24 hours.
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