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Tryouts serve two purposes. First, they ensure players' skills match the division in which they play. It is possible players signing up and trying out for one division could be placed in a lower division.

  • During tryouts players will hit, throw, catch, pitch and run.
  • Players should arrive at tryouts in comfortable clothing with gym shoes and a baseball/softball glove.
  • Players may bring their own bat and helmet if desired.

Second, they help ensure equity across our teams at each level.

All Baseball players who sign up to play AA, AAA or Majors and Softball players who sign up to play AAA, Majors, and JV must attend tryouts.

If players are unable to attend regular tryouts, they must attend a makeup tryout.

Plan on your player being at tryouts for 30-45 minutes. Players rotate through stations for catching, throwing, hitting, pitching and running.

Players who do not attend a tryout will be placed on a team at a level lower than he/she would typically play based on his age. For example, a 10 year-old who signed up to play AAA will be placed on a AA team if he/she does not tryout.

All boys are strongly encouraged to wear protective cups at all times while playing baseball.

Pre-Tryout Warm-ups

Tigard Little League offers new and returning players an opportunity to participate in a short pre-tryout warm-up in advance of actual tryouts. It's a great opportunity to knock off some rust and experience the same setting and process that is used for tryouts.

There are blocks of time for Majors, AAA and AA - sign up for the level you anticipate playing this coming Spring. As a reminder, tryouts are used for two purposes - to ensure players are playing at the most appropriate level and there is parity across our teams at each level.


  • Sunday, January 21nd, 2018 9:00 AM - Twality Middle School
  • Sign up here

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