Pee Wee Overview

Spring Season Overview

Spring season is our most popular season of the little league program with nearly 700 players participating each year. As a Little League organization, teams play other teams in their division within Tigard Little League during the spring season.

Pee Wee is a co-ed league intended for boys and girls ages 4 - 7, typically Pre-K through first grade.

Levels of Play: Tee Ball This introductory, non-competitive level of baseball is for all 5 year olds as well as 6 year olds with little or no baseball or softball experience. Players are hitting a soft baseball from a stationery batting tee, no outs are tracked, and every player bats each inning.
Coach Pitch This introductory, non-competitive level of baseball is for 6 year olds that have played a year of Tee Ball as well as 7 year olds with no baseball or softball experience. Players hit a soft baseball pitched by the coach (a tee is not used).
Games: Usually one 90 minute game (including 30 minute warm-ups) on Saturdays with a maximum of 3 innings, with all children on the roster batting each inning
Team Formation:

Co-ed teams are formed by the League based upon neighborhood or school, using a variety of criteria, including: coach requests, buddy requests, school and age/gender balance in February. Families may request one "buddy" or day of the week (e.g. M/W or T/Thu).
Practices Begin: The week of Opening Day
Opening Day: Usually the first Saturday in April
Games: Opening Day thru beginning of June
Time Commitment: Tee Ball - Two 60 minute practice per week, one on Saturday. Pee Wee teams will have two events per week. Initially these will be practices, but once games begin they would consiste of a 30-45 minute practice followed by a game.

Players can request a manager, a buddy or specific practice days. Note that not all requests may be possible to accomodate.

Coach Pitch - Two 90 minute practices per week, one on Saturday.
Field Locations: Cook Park
Mary Woodward
Hansen Field (Latter Day Saints) in Summerfield
Equipment Needed: Necessary:
Baseball glove
Baseball Pants
Batting Helmet


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