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Online Concussion Training


Prior to 2014, the state of Oregon required concussion training only for high school sports - since then, a new law requires that:

  • All youth sports coaches and officials undergo education that will allow them to recognize the signs of concussion
  • Coaches hold any athlete who suffers a concussion out of sports until they receive medical clearance

TLL is sending this not only to coaches, but to all parents as well, as the signs of concussion can show themselves well after the incident. We also want parents to understand why their coach will require medical clearance should a player demonstrate any indications of concussion following a head injury.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has created an online training course that is only 20 minutes in length and provides the most convenient form of training.

TLL Coaches are required to take at least the CDC Online concussion training. Please bring your printed completion certificate to the Coaches Meeting. TLL Parents are highly encouraged to take this training as well in February.

For more information on concussion:

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